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Avidia AVR Magicpedia brings education to life. This is K-12 application designed by Avidia Labs brought a unique and fresh way of learning your favorite science topics in Virtual reality, Augmented reality & Mixed Reality. This application offer immersive learning experience of topics from K 6- K 12.

WHAT IS INSIDE BOX YOU GET: Activation code for 10 Unique Concepts into Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality.
LEARN CONCEPTS IN GAMIFICATION: Learn your favorite concept of science with gamification in your hand.
HOW THIS WORK: Download application from the application store. Login the application, apply the redeemed voucher which is provided with the application and unlock the content.
HOW MUCH CONTENT AVAILABLE: 28 Unique VR Simulation on the course concept and 120 Augmented Reality concept available inside the Avidia AVR Magicpedia
Box contains the Avidia MagicQube ( quantity: 1) which will work on any android devices.( 4.4 and above )

★ 3D Content: Learn about the concept int 3D rotate the scene by dragging your fingers, zoom into the scene in or out by pinching with your fingers.

★ Virtual Reality: Bring the learning to life, enjoy your favorite K-12 concepts in the virtual reality. It helps students to experience immersive, three dimensional visual and audio simulations. ( your devices need to have the gyroscope for this )

★ Augmented Reality: Engaged the student in the new learning methodology and excite them with fun engaging activity using augmented reality.

★ Mixed Reality: Makes the learning engaging with innovating a newer learning methodology of learning the concept. Dissect the frog on the house table or visualize the bacteria and there anatomy with our mixed reality controller.

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Avidia MagicQube