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Avidia AVR Magicpedia is the application that enables the learner with the option of learning there favorite science concept in the 3D/AR/VR mode which is supported on all major tablets and android devices. The basic idea behind this application is to make the learner enjoy the tough and complex problem statement without losing the focus on the concept.

The key feature of the application is to provide a personalized learning experience with the report and analytics tool. The application covers all the major topics of science from K6-K12. 3D in the application is compatible with all major devices for the AR and VR user need to buy our product Avidia Magicbox. The kit includes the MagicQube and MagicHeadset for visualizing the complex problems in the augmented reality and virtual reality.

The application is available on OCULUS STORE & PLAYSTORE.

Biology Simulation

Biology is the subject all about the study of natural living. Avidia AVR Magicpedia brings the engagement and excitement to the learner by introducing the real immersive 3D environment to the user.

All it is required is to download the application from the respective store & then just use our headset slide the mobile and experience the next wave of learning.

Our biology simulation catalog includes the simulation like Amoeba, Blood Cell, Human Skeleton, Human Anatomy, Circulation System, Digestion in Ruminant, Heart, Layer of Soils, Life Cycle of Silk Moth, Part of Flower, Part of Plants, Life Cycle of Butterfly, Part of the leaf, Photosynthesis, Human Skeleton.

Chemistry Simulation

All the simulation of chemistry includes the 3D modes which give ease to the learner for visualizing the molecular structure & chemical reaction in 3D.

The learner can conduct the experiment like acids, bases & salt in the virtual lab and can also learn about the litmus paper test. Also, the MagicBox kit includes the magicqube & magic headset which allow the learner to open the new learning experience by immerging into the lattice crystal structure to the phases of matter.

The list of simulations includes acids, bases, salt, phases of matter, conduction, convection, water cycle, the air around us, Atom builder, Atom in gaseous, Bohr models of the atom, Chemical Changes, Sedimentation.

Physics Simulation

Physics are the most exciting and most complex topics in the science subject. All it requires the motivation or push of imagination for solving the problem. Avidia AVR Magicpedia tries to bridge the solution for solving such complex topics in an easier and effective way.

Our kit has a tool like virtual reality which gives the learner the experience of on-hand doing by wearing the headset and realizing the problem. The problem can be easily visualized into the VR world which could be any problem starting with as simple as Force calculation to the complex calculation like oscillation waves.

The simulation includes in the AVR Magicpedia are Air Around Us, Electric Circuit, Fun with Magnets, Reflection of Light, Shadows, Relative Velocity, Speed DIstance &Time, Source of Light.

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