Virtual reality

It is the disrupting way of learning the complex problem in the virtual world by simulating the experience of the real world.

Augmented reality

Enable’s the educator with the power of augmenting the virtual world into the real world.


Learn the topic’s by two way learning, interacting with the 3D modules and get the concept of the topic with fun.

Voice over

Visually impactful smart learning modules with the mellifluous voice overs.

3D models

Highly detailed 3D models with the child-friendly good animations.

Multi Language

 Support multi-language mode with cross-platform delivery of concept.


The  analytics in the gaze per session to create the personalized learning.


Provides the educator with the power of predictive analysis of each student learning pattern.

How it helps student to build better future













Real-Time Simulation

Learning the concept of science using technology like virtual reality. Experience the concept as never done before. Visualize the 3D laboratory experience and conduct experiments with utmost safety and fun. Taking a leap in biology and start exploring the living organism on more closer grounds. Cross-link the real-time simulation in the virtual reality with the real world problem scenario. Play games by and learn the physics behind the scenes, what is a relationship between speed, velocity. How Newton law is applied to real-world problems.
Virtual reality promises the revolutionary experience in learning, it allows individuals to look into the complex problem by themselves into it until now this could be only realized via textbook, video or images.


Next part of the learning concept is the assessment of the concept, our software solution has also taken care of this part. We not only provide the interaction based activity but also provides the mellifluous voice over to the activity so that learner can listen and engage with activity deeply. These activities are designed based on the concept learned by the student in the real-time simulation. Topics like chemistry have a fun way of looking your chemistry labs with an unlimited possibility of playing with the chemical. Each activity comes with there unique gameplay mechanism which not only provides learning but also engaged the learner.


We believe that learning is incomplete until it is not assessed by the educator. We provide our companion application to the trainer and teachers to not only help the children in their virtual experience but also let them see what they are doing in there virtual experience of simulation. This way they can score them based on the learning activity student’s picked.

Predictive learning

Our predictive analysis algorithms used to generate reports based on the data which we collect in our companion application. This not only provides our simulation’s to learn the pattern of the student but also provides the personalized learning experience for each student. Because we know each student is unique and so do there learning methodology.

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