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Our content library has 100+ simulation of the primary and secondary education in augmented and virtual reality.

Our solution is designed and matched to the school boards and curriculum.

Our virtual reality is broadly divided into three major parts Learning Objective, Real-Time Simulation, and Activity. The Student can learn the concept by visualizing the problem in the real environment in virtual reality.

Adding to this we support the education by validation, for this, we have supported our simulations with the companion feature. This companion application not only provides the teacher dashboard but also help to get the analytics of the real-time practice of the problem what student is doing the virtual reality world.

Schools can generate reports and get the insight of there student so as to learn about there learning patterns.

Avidia Education-AR provides the students learning experience which generates curiosity into young minds via learning into 3D with gamification.

Integration of this type of technological solution not help the young minds to get the core concept of the subject but also make them future proof.